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The Experience


A Rahanni Healing session will last for 1 hour with approximately 40 minutes of treatment time. You will remain fully clothed, with a blanket over you if you wish, or if you find it hard to lay down healing can be carried out with you sitting in a chair which ever is more relaxing for you.


When healing is being given you may feel heat from my hands or tingling. Most people cannot relax on the first session and for this reason I would suggest you have at least three sessions, the first to see what happens, the second to relax, and the third for any negative energy to be removed.


Rahanni Healing comes from the heart, will not harm you in any way and you can only benefit from it. The one thing nearly every one comments on is the wonderful night’s sleep they get after a treatment.


Things can only get better, you may feel things are getting worse for a short time but this is your body fighting to let go of the negative energy.


As the healing takes place there can be disturbances within your system such as headaches, nausea, cold symptoms, possible mood swings or maybe feeling a little tearful,  this is quite normal and means the therapy is working.  If you experience any of these symptoms, they should only last 24 hours.  Some clients are not aware of any disturbances - that is also fine.  It depends on the problem and the severity of it.


Sessions will last approximately 1 hour but the treatment is adjusted accordingly to your needs each time. The hourly fee for one session is £40.


It is very difficult to explain Rahanni - you must experience the benefits before you judge. All I can ask is that you give Rahanni a chance if you are troubled with any emotional stress, sleepless nights, or you just want to chill out for an hour.


If you wish to make an appointment or are worried or concerned please do not hesitate to contact Deborah at deborahmurray@rahanni.co.uk or call on 07740 255877.




Please understand I am not a medical person and as such cannot give medical advice.  I also do not diagnose or say I can cure, but if you believe miracles have been known to happen.