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Hi Deb


Yes still feeling fab and no back pain, even though I've gone back to the gym, you little miracle worker you!!! I can honestly say I cannot remember feeling this good about life for such a long long time and I've even managed to lose lbs. so far at weight watchers.


Have been handing out your cards - may need a few more!


I will come back for a top up at some time but at this rate it will be later rather than sooner!


Take care and many thanks for everything.






I just wanted to say THANK YOU again!!!


I wasn't expecting to experience what I did last night. I've woken up this morning, after sleeping like a baby, and I can only describe how I feel as a feeling of being touched within my heart..... physically. What a thing!! I only woke up slightly in the night and just felt this energy around me....amazing!! I can't believe the energy that came off of you..... never felt

that from anyone before!!!






Thanks Deb I was at the end of my tether then I found you and you sugessted I tried Rahanni.  My psoriasis was at its worst, as you know I have suffered for 25 years without relief and after the healing I slept all night in bed not in the hot tub!!


You and the healing have taught me how to think positive and look at life and its situations in a completely different way.


Thank you



Rayleigh Essex

Company Director




I smoked dope for years and became paranoid as a result, couldnt keep a job, girlfriend or get on with my familly.  Deb gave me some healing and wow, it was better than any joint I’d ever had, it took away attutude my negitivity and the feeling of being paranoid.  I now have a good job, a Fiancee and a house.


My life was turned round by this healing called Rahanni.


Rahanni is wicked!!!








I want to thank you for helping me when I had a problem with my marriage, I don’t think I would have come to the right decision without the clarity I felt I received from the Rahanni treatment.


Name witheld

Southend on Sea